Carb Blocker Review: Is It The Perfect Supplement For Long Term Weight Loss Success?

There’s no question that carbs can be a major detriment to anyone trying to lose weight, especially if they can’t afford to spend 4-5 hours a day being highly active and working out all the time. While carbs can be a good source of easy energy for highly competitive athletes, they are very quickly converted into sugar in the body, which then becomes fat.

Lots of carbs will not only force more water retention, but it will stick you with more sugar, more insulin, and more fat. While high protein and moderate fat diets that are low on carbs can be extremely effective eating plans to help drop that excess weight, every once in a while you want some pasta, some rice, or maybe even that occasional cheat day with dessert – but those carbs can destroy your weight loss plans.

This is where carb blocker comes into the rescue!

What Is Carb Blocker?

A capsule based supplement that contains white kidney bean extract (a natural substance shown to help the body naturally block itself from absorbing carb based calories) and other ingredients that help dieters absorb fewer carbs and sugars.

These supplements are ideal for helping on those cheat days or meals by helping the body to block the carbs that come from grains, starches, and carb-heavy desserts. They are a supplement, so they can’t single-handedly help you lose weight if your eating habits aren’t up to snuff. They’re not miracle pills, but to their credit neither do they claim to be.

How Carb Blockers Are Most Effective

The one place where carb blockers really shine is with taking out the damage that comes from that one cheat meal or that one cheat day. For dieters who know they are having a cheat day because it is bweight lossuilt in (like with the Slow Carb diet originally introduced via “The Four Hour Body”) or because of going out with friends for a special celebration, taking two capsules around 20 minutes before the big meal will help make sure a lot less damage is done.

When the carbs aren’t absorbed they just get filtered through the body, and that’s why carb blockers makes such a good stop gap measure for helping dieters to get past those pesky snacks, meals, or other carb and starch heavy foods that can sabotage an otherwise solid plan.

Understanding how the body and nutrition works is critical to choosing the supplements that will give a dieter the best results.

What’s The Final Verdict?

There’s a lot to like about this carb blocker. The serving size of just 2-3 capsules makes it very doable and being able to take it before a meal instead of four times a day, every day, for weeks at a time makes this supplement extremely user-friendly.

The ingredients are high quality, and the fact a single bottle contains 90 capsules means there are plenty of doses in just one bottle. When it comes to good supplements for losing excess weight, the carb blocker is a real winner.