Guide to Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

Don’t take the risk of spoiling your surprise gift to your girlfriend. After spending so much time and money looking for the perfect diamond ring, the last thing you want is her accidently finding out about the ring and ruining your surprise. The solution to this problem lies in this infographic, which has everything you need to know to buy the perfect diamond. Store it in your phone to use as a guide while you go shopping.

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Engagement Rings Ireland

Will this Season be Your “Season”?

Did you know that more than 2.2 Million people get married each year and among those who get engaged, a whopping 85% of them have a dazzling engagement ring to show for it. December is said to be the most popular month to get engaged and it is followed closely by February. This then makes the season the “Engagement Season”. Continue reading “Will this Season be Your “Season”?”

The Best Engagement Ring Should Not Always The Most Expensive One

engagement-rings-irelandGiving an engagement ring is no longer a special thing. This is a common tradition for couples worldwide. Though there is no written rule about the ring materials, most of them are gold—whether they are white or yellow—with diamonds. When it comes to diamond, there is always a high demand, regardless of how expensive it is. When it comes to choosing the perfect rings for the engagement or wedding days, it requires hard effort to find the one with the best performance, shape, size and definitely, price.

Continue reading “The Best Engagement Ring Should Not Always The Most Expensive One”